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If there is one place that has made the Netherlands such an important trading nation in modern times, it is Rotterdam. The port lies at the delta of major European rivers, is accessible for sea-going ships and currently has access to a market of one hundred million people just a day’s drive away. It is the natural location for Europe’s major port.

Facts and figures for the Port Authority and the Port of Rotterdam:

Port Authority: 1.200 employees, turnover approx. € 500 million.
Port area: approx. 26,000 acres (12,500 acres of which commercial sites, 13,500 acres water and rail lines, roads and pipeline zones). The port will be extended by Maasvlakte 2 with 20%. The length of the port area is approx. 40 km.
Direct employment: over 90,000 jobs.
Goods throughput: 430 million tonnes of goods a year.
Shipping: approx. 34,000 ocean-going vessels and 100,000 inland vessels per annum.

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